Selected projects for Pitching Workshop
Festival in Media

The 17th Tbilisi International Film Festival is delighted to announce the selected projects for Pitching Workshop. After carefully reviewing all the applications, 7 full – length feature film projects have been chosen: 

  • THE LOT (Producer : Lali Kiknavelidze, Director : Konstantin Chlaidze)
  • BORDER GAMES (Producer: Tekle Machavariani&Aleksandre Shervashidze, Director: Elene Mikaberidze)
  • THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (Producer: George Varsimashvili, Director: George Varsimashvili)
  • SEPTEMBER (Producer: Tamta Gabrichidze, Anuna Bukia, Director: Tamta Gabrichidze)
  • THE REBAR (Producer: Nodar Nozadze, Director: Lasha Tskvitinidze)
  • JUMP (Producer: Vako Kirkitadze, Director: Levan Sikharulidze
  • WINTER DEPRESSION (Producer:Vako Kirkitadze, Director: Tazo Narimanidze)

Pitching Workshop will take place from  November, 30 to 2 of December,  during  the 17th Tbilisi International Film Festival. The selected projects will have two training days with Isabelle Fauvel, followed by Open Public Pitch on December 2. The best pitch will be granted with 5000GEL.


  • Jean Perret

  • Barbara Lorey  

  • Joelle Levie

  • Christian Routh

  • Nicos Panayotopoulos

Tbilisi 17th International Film Festival congratulated all the participants.

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