Apollo - Cinema Memories
Festival in Media

In the section Appolo - Cinema Memories is collected four Italian film , from which 3 is regarded as a classical cinematic work. Due to the fact that the main theme of present festival is politics, in this section the political contexts of these films are strongly connected to each another. Elio Petri in his film “Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion” paints the angry satirical picture of corruption inside the police structures, that creates some kind of political parabola, where the moral intonation between man and the law is out of focus. Gilo Pontecorvo during the 2 hours is making a severe registration of the freedom or to be more precise the unstoppable intention towards freedom in the film “The Battle of Algiers”, where the living and various choreographical forces of the Algerian people is trying to free itself from the arid and almost dead gestures of the French colonialism. Francesco Rosi in the film “Salvatore Giuliano”  is reflecting on those sociopolitical  forces , that shaped the Sicily. During the whole film the main character only once appears in the frame and this appearance is manifested by capturing his already dead body. Davide Ferrario in his documentary “Primo Levi’s journey” is travelling through the East Europe evaluating the sociological climate of this space, on the other hand he is reflecting on Primo Levi’s trans-national journey, which started from Auschwitz and finished in Turin, during this journey Levi is starting writing about his survival in the camps. The film touches numerous issues relevant to the contemporary political landscape of the Eastern Europe. All 4 films will be introduced by an Italian film critic Giovanni Spagnoletti, “Primo Levi’s “Journey” will be followed by conversation between Giovanni and the director of the film himself.

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