''European Forum''
Festival in Media

At the Tbilisi International Film Festivaal's traditional and perhaps most popular non-competition section is “European Forum”. The program contains the 20 recent and most successful works of European Cinema, successful at various International Film Festivals and selected by the European Film Academy.

''I, Daniel Blake'' directed by well-known English filmmaker Ken Loach, is a story about Daniel Blake(59). He has worked as a joiner most of his life in Newcastle. Now, for thefirst time ever, he needs help from the State. He crosses paths with single mother Katie and her two young children, Daisy and Dylan. Katie’s only chance to escape a one-roomed homeless hostel in London has been to accept a flat in a city she doesn’t know, some 300 miles away. Daniel and Katie find themselves in no-man’s land, caught on the barbed wire of welfare bureaucracy as played out against the rhetoric of ‘striver and skiver’ in modern-day Britain.

''Safari’’ by Ulrich Seidl – Africa, In the wild expanses, where bushbucks, impalas, zebras, gnus and other creatures graze by the thousands, they are on holiday. German and Austrian hunting tourists drive through the bush, lie in wait, stalk their prey. They shoot, sob with excitement and pose before the animals they have bagged. A vacation movie about killing, a movie about human nature.

''The Unknown Girl'' is a 2016 Belgian-French drama film directed by the Dardenne brothers. Jenny, a young general practitioner, feels guilty for not having opened the door of her practice to a girl who is found dead shortly after. On learning from the police that they have no way of identifying her, Jenny has only one goal: to discover the name of the young girl so that she will not be buried anonymously – so that she will not disappear as if she had never lived. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

''Graduation'', which won Cristian Mungiu the Best Director prize at Cannes, is a morality play in which good intentions cannot ward off corruption. Romeo Aldea (49), a physician living in a small mountain town in Transylvania, has raised his daughter Eliza with the idea that once she turns 18, she will leave to study and live abroad. His plan is close to succeeding - Eliza has got a scholarship to study psychology in UK. She just has to pass her final exams - a formality for such a good student. On the day prior to her first written exam, an incident jeopardizes Eliza's departure. Now Romeo has to make a decision.

''Finding Altamira'' directed by Enlish filmmaker Hugh Hudson is a Life and events of the man who realized one of the most important discoveries of the 19th century: Altamira's caves. In 1879, Spanish archaeologist Marcelino (Antonio Banderas) and his daughter Maria (Allegra Allen) discover seemingly impossible paintings of galloping bison adorning the walls of a hidden cave. The cave of Altamira brings the world together in amazement, drawing people of all types to see the paintings in person. But, Marcelino soon realizes that the art on the walls must be 10,000 years old, earlier than anyone believes possible. The theory threatens to tear Maria and Marcelino's family apart while the outside world's astonishment soon turns to fury and fear. The Catholic Church sees his claims as an attack on biblical truth while scientists prove just as dogmatic and reactionary. Maria's fairytale world grows darker as her family faces disaster and Marcelino's discovery is repressed. Only their love for each other can guide them toward redemption as Marcelino fights to spread the truth.


Furthermore our spectators can see:



  •  28:94 Local Time   - David Safarian
  •  After Love  - Joachim Lafosse
  •  Album   - Mehmet Can Mertoğlu
  •  Aloys  - Tobias Nölle
  •  Amama (When A Tree Falls) - Asier Altuna
  •  Godless   - Ralitza Petrova
  •  Granny's Dancing on the Table  - Hanna Sköld
  •  It's Not The Time of My Life - Szabolcs Hajdu
  •  Liberami  - Federica Di Giacomo
  •  Like Crazy  - Paolo Virzì
  •  Sweet Dreams - Marco Bellocchio
  •  The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki  - Juho Kuosmanen
  •  The Murderer - Kamran Shahmardan
  •  The Ornithologist - João Pedro Rodrigues
  •  The Teacher - Jan Hřebejk


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