Interview with Giovanni Spagnoletti
Festival in Media


Italian Retrospective – Apollo: Memory of Cinema

Within the 17th Tbilisi International Film Festivals section Apollo: Memory of Cinema, Film Producer Giovanni Spagnoletti presented three Italian films: Gillo Pontecorvo’s Battle for Algiers, Francesco Rosi’s Salvatore Giuliano and Elio Petri’s Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion.

Spagnoletti shared his personal attitude towards the films before the screening and explained why he had chosen these films in particular.

According to the Italian Producer, these films are the statement to reality. Salvatore Giuliano reveales the real face of mafia; Battle for Algiers is a political statement – people’s battle for freedom; while Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion shows repressions from police and the pressure people face from them.

I could have selected other films, for sure, but these films dating with 60s reflect the most interesting period of cinematography, to my mind. Italian cinematography approached political life most closely.  It was the second stage after neorealism, when cinematography revealed political reality so vividly. Cinematography tried its best to develop Italy as a real democratic state” – Spagnoletti says emphasizing that the main purpose of film directors in 60s was to directly reflect the real life.

He also said that later Italian cinematography changed the style of speech: politics is revealed through people, who dealt with political drama. People’s cinematography turned into cinematography of individuals, etc. There were times when cinema was a strong fighter that wanted to retell real stories. This was the main point why the Italian Film Producer selected the above mentioned films – the films that were and will remain as amazing masterpieces.




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