Seattle International Film Festival and “My happy Family”
Festival in Media

"We believe in unique power of cinema - to share the original and interesting stories, diverse perspectives and rich emotional adventures," - says the official website of the Seattle Film Festival.

Seattle Film Festival is considered to be the most popular film forum in North America. Since 1976, it has always been an object of great interest for media. It is often called the world's best "audience festival" and recently "Variety" magazine included it in the list of - "50 Festivals which should not be missed."

This year's festival started on May 18th and will last until June 11th. There are about 400 feature, documentary and short films presented from 85 countries.

"Our audience reaches 155,000 and we get about 4000 film applications annually. Debut films are screened together with the works of great masters. 70% of the movies won't be shown at the cinemas for sure. That's what makes our film festival a wonderful place where the world's new works are being discovered and a real celebration takes place." - say the organizers of the festival.

The Festival has gradually managed to promote educational programs, and has been offering a variety of courses and special screenings for film lovers and professionals. During the 25 days of the festival, conferences are held between the film industry representatives, also different competitions and retrospections take place.

The festival program provides plenty of sections: "Alternate Cinema" (search of new genre or techniques), "African Pictures" (best African works of art), "Contemporary World Cinema" (new films from over 80 countries), "Culinary Cinema" (pleasant Travel in the world of tastes and sensations), "Face the music" (movies about music), "Films4Families", Asian Crossroads "," Future Wave "(works of directors under 18),"Latin-American Cinema","New American Cinema "(indie movies from the US).

The festival has several competition programmes: "Official Competition", "Documentary Competition", "Ibero-American" (Movies from Latina, Spain and Portugal), "New American Cinema" (independent American movie) and "New Directors" (where debut or second works are presented).

8 films participate in the official contest program of the Festival, including Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß's "My Happy Family".

The film tells about the family in Tbilisi, where three generations live. Her main character is Manana (Ia Shughliashvili), 52 year old teacher of Georgian language and literature, who wishes to leave the family and start a separate life. The cast also includes: Merab Ninidze, Berta Khapava, Tsisia Kumsiashvili and others.

"My happy family" is Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß's second mutual work. Tudor Vladimir Panduru (the cameraman of the Cristian Mungiu's "Graduation") was invited to the film as an operator. The film, whose premiere was held at the Sundance Film Festival, has been screened at lots of festivals and has received plenty of positive reviews.

The Georgian audience will be able to see Nana and Simon's film at the Tbilisi International Film Festival. The director of the Seattle Film Festival Maryna Ajaja will be our guest at the festival.

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