Robin Campillo wins Grand Prix!
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The endless red carpet, luminous stars and the cinematography celebration - it's Cannes. The well-known film forum of French Riviera is a popular film festival that creates real fireworks for cinema lovers annually in May.

The jury of the 70th Film Festival, headed by Pedro Almodovar, announced winners on May 28 th.

The Grand Prix of the Film Festival was given to Robin Campillo's film "120 Battements Par Minute" (BPM(Beats Per Minute)). The film describes the processes in France in the 90s, when the group "Act Up" initiated a civil movement to protect the victims of AIDS. The characters of the movie are "Act Up" group members, infected with the deadly virus. Various noisy and slightly theatrical activities are held to attract the attention of the state and public towards AIDS - activists break into pharmaceutical companies and paint them into bloodlike red color, they talk about safe sex in schools and organize street demonstrations. Members of the activists are homosexuals and the story of one of the couples is highlighted in the foreground.

"The Hollywood Reporter" titled the film as ,,Drama of politics, passion and loss". It received two more prizes - FIPRESCI (Diploma of International Film Critics) and Queer Palm (an independent jury prize awarding films for LGBT themes). This is how critics of the FIPRESCI award described Campillo's film - "A film about love. A film about life. Life stronger than death. A film as a glimpse of hope."

The audience of the Tbilisi Film Festival probably remembers Campillo's very interesting film "Eastern Boys", which participated in our festival in 2013. The film was also named the best film at the Venice Film Festival within the program "Horizons". At the time, Robin Campbell held a master class for our audience and talked about the basic principles of montage as well as his own experience.

Roben Campillo is a Moroccan screen writer, editor and director, living in France. He is known as the co-scriptwriter of Laurent Cantet films. His directorial debut was in 2004 by a film "They Came Back".

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