"Khibula" and "Dede" at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
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"Giorgi Ovashvili is back to Karlovy Vary after 3 years," writes online edition "Cineuropa" about Karlovy Vary's competition programme.

Karlovy Vary Film Festival was founded in 1948 and is now considered to be the leading film festival of Central and Eastern Europe. The 52nd Festival will be held in Czech Republic from June 30 to July 8.

This year's festival hosts two Georgian films: "Khibula" (main international competition) by Giorgi Ovashvili and Mariam Khachvani's "Dede" (competition programme "East of the West").

In Ovashvili's film "Khibula" 1991year, the events after the restoration of Georgia's independence are described. The protagonist of the film is the newly elected president Zviad Gamsakhurdia, who is forced to move to the mountains because of the rebellion.

"We see a man fighting for power on the foreground of impressive Caucasus. A man is in the middle of his internal struggle as well. At this exact time he goes to meet his own destiny.

Ovashvili does not intend to create a biographical film and put it on a political trial. On the contrary, he tries to use historic events as a frame, describe the story with a slight melancholy and faultless visual poetry." - says Karlovy Vary's web site.

We would like to recall you, that Giorgi Ovashvili's previous film "Corn Island" took Karlovy Vary's Grand Prix in 2014.


The story of Mariam Khachvani's "Dede" is developing in Svaneti. The young girl Dina is forced to obey the rules and traditions of her region. But what will happen if she protests? What if she wants to fight for her love?

"Dede" is the first full-length film of Mariam.

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