Tbilisi International Film Festival is accepting submissions for “Georgian Panorama”!
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Tbilisi International Film Festival pays great attention to Georgian cinema and therefore annually offers section "Georgian Panorama" to Georgian and foreign viewers.

The section has been in existence since 2012 and during this period it has opened the way for many Georgian films. "Georgian Panorama" combines the latest Georgian feature, documentary, animated and short films.

Today, on June 12, 18th Tbilisi International Film Festival will begin receiving applications for the Georgian Panorama. All professional cinematologists (except for students), whose works are created in 2016 or 2017 are eligible to participate in national competition.

The section will have three prizes - Prometheus for the best feature, documentary and short film.

For participation it is required to fill the application posted on the Festival website and send the materials to the Festival Office. The information about the material and other requirements is available on the Festival website.

The competition program "Georgian Panorama" will be evaluated by the jury of professionals. Including film critics Ulrich and Erika Gregor, who have been unchanged members of the "Georgian Panorama" for past 4 years already. As for the third member of jury, they change every year.

Gregor's are known as the founders of the Institute of Film and Video Arts, as well as founders of "Arsenal" and Berlin Film Festival independent programme - "Forum".

Deadline for submission of application is extended till September 30, 2017.

Tbilisi 18th International Film Festival will be held on December 4-10.





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