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Since Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß's film "My Happy Family" is on French cinemas (the screenings began on May 10), 60,000 viewers have seen the film. And on July 13 it will be shown in German cinemas.

The Georgian audience will be able to see Nana and Simon's prized film in September in Georgian cinemas.

The premiere of "My Happy Family" was held at the Sydney Film Festival in January 2017. Since then, the film has been featured in a number of festivals and has received numerous prizes - for Best Director, Cinematography and for Best Film.

In July, the film will take part in the competition program of Karlovy Vary, Odessa and Eurasia International Film Festivals.

Since the release of the film, it has received quite an interest from the world press:


"My happy family" is not just a story of how women are released from pressure. Nana and Simon have been able to provide the details of the coexistence in Manana's family. It's an extraordinary movie that shows what it means and what can happen when love and argument equally exist in a family...."

"... new opportunities arise from the grief. You watch this movie and you realize that what you see is no longer a movie. This is life itself, with all its disorders, horror and brilliance. "
"Village Voice", Bilge Ebiri (23.01.17)


"...After the film you have the feeling of exciting harmony; Feeling combining everyday life and intensity. There is no better ending for the movie - smart, compassionate and complex.
"The Playlist", Andrew Crump (28.01.17)


"In the focus of the slow but constantly gripping picture is Ia Shughliashvili's central, charming performance. She is one of the most powerful, quiet and heroic introvert characters we have not seen on the screen for a while. "
"Screen International", Lee Marshal (20.01.17)


"This is a simple, somewhat an everyday story, narrated by great actors and talented directors. It will gradually be transformed into a Greek tragicomedy where one fearless woman tries to get rid of the loved ones who fill her with guilt and love. "
"The Hollywood Reporter", Jordan Mintzer (23.01.17)


„There is no single moment in the film, that is not painfully true"
"LA Weekly", Bilge Ebiri (23.01.17)


"Must watch film."
"Rolling Stone", David Fear (30.01.17)


"It is undoubtedly one of the best films of the festival and a strong rival between the best films of the year."
"Film Journal", Tomris Laffly (23.01.17, Sundance Film Festival)

"My happy family" has received prizes in the following festivals:

Lecce's European Film Festival: The Best Film, Best Cinematography, FIPRESCI Prize.

Sofia International Film Festival: Best Director.

Central and Eastern European Film Festival, Wiesbaden: The Best Director, FIPRESCI Prize.

Hong Kong International Film Festival: Grand Prix for Best Film

Transylvania International Film Festival: Best Film, Best Acting Performance (Ia Shughliashvili).

Seattle International Film Festival: Jury Special Prize.


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