Guillermo Del Toro Becomes the Winner of Venice Film Festival
Guillermo Del Toro Becomes the Winner of Venice Film Festival
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"I'm 52 years old, I weigh 300 pounds, and I've done 10 movies. There is a moment in every storyteller's life, no matter what age you are, you risk and go and do something different. I dedicate this award to every Latin American filmmaker dreaming of doing something in the fantastic genre, it can be done." - said Guillermo Del Toro at 74th Venice Film Festival stage when he was awarded a top prize Golden Lion.

In Guillermo Del Toro's feature "Shape of Water" the action takes place in 1963. The main character, mute cleaner Elisa (Sally Hawkins) works in hidden high-security science laboratory. Inside the walls of this mysterious building, an odd creature, water monster, an "Amphibian Man" is being observed. Elisa's life is changed forever when she and co-worker discover this strange patient. 

"Fairy tales were born in times of trouble, in complicated times - when hope felt lost. I made ‘The Shape of Water" as an antidote to cynicism. It seems to me that when we speak of love, we do so in a hopeless way. We fear looking naïve and even disingenuous. But love is real - absolutely real - and, like water, it is the most gentle and most powerful force in the Universe. It is free and formless until it pours its recipient, until we let it in. Our eyes are blind but our soul is not. It recognizes live in whatever shape it comes to us." - says the director, speaking to journalists. 

Del Toro is the first Mexican director awarded with Golden Lion. It is to note that "The Shape of Water" was followed by the glowing reviews and being announced as a winner at closed screening was met with an applause by the audience.

Silver Lion for the Best Director was awarded to French Xavier Legrand for his drama "Custody" ("Jusqu'à La Garde").
Samuel Maoz's "Foxtrot" won a Grand Jury Prize.

Special Jury Prize was awarded to Australian Warwick Thornton for the film "Sweet Country".

International jury headed by Annette Bening, awarded the Volpi Cup for best actress to Charlotte Rampling (in Andrea Pallaoro's "Hannah") and to Kamel El Basha for best actor (in Ziad Doueiri's "The Insult").

As for festival's new competition program "Virtual Reality", the jury announced several winners:

Best Virtual Reality - "Arden's Wake (Expanded)" by Eugene YK Chung

Best VR story - Gina Kim's "Bloodless"

Best VR Experience - "La Camarera Insabbiata" by Laurie Anderson



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