Elene Naveriani’s Film is a Winner of Porto Film Festival
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At the 3rd Porto International Queer Film Festival, Elene Naveriani's film "I am truly a Drop of Sun on Earth" became the winner of the Best feature film nomination.

Elene Naveriani was born in Tbilisi in 1985. She studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art and at Geneva University of Art and Design in the following years. "I am truly a Drop of Sun on Earth" is her debut feature.

The heroine is April (Khatia Nozadze), a young prostitute. One night, she meets Dijé (Daniel Chinedu Onwuka), a young Nigerian who, looking for a new life, is on his way to Georgia, USA. But instead he happens to be in Tbilisi, Georgia. Although they didn't even know each other very well, they already have so much in common...

Porto International Queer Festival first was held in 2015. The festival, presenting only LGBT themed films, has 3 competition programs - Feature, Documentary and European Film School works. Elene Naveriani was granted with a money prize in addition to the award and her debut feature will be displayed on Portuguese channel RTP2.

This festival is headed by Queer Lisboa - Lisbon Queer International Film Festival which is held since 1997 and nowadays is the oldest film festival of Lisbon. Over this years, the festival has consolidated its reputation of one of the best LGBT film festivals in Europe. As a rule, it takes place for 9 days, involving 90-100 international feature, documentary and short films.

Elene Naveriani's "I am truly a Drop of Sun on Earth" will be screened at our 18th film festival in December.

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