“On Body and Soul” – new Hungarian Drama to Open the 18th Film Festival
“On Body and Soul” – new Hungarian Drama to Open the 18th Film Festival
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On December 4th, in cinema "Amirani" 18th International Film Festival will be opened with Hungarian director, Ildikó Enyedi's film "On Body and Soul".

A 2017 film by Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi, "On Body and Soul" became the prize holder of FIPSERCI prize, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and a grand prix of the Berlin International Film Festival - Golden Bear. The film also succeeded at Sydney International Film Festival in the nomination of the best film. Besides, "On Body and Soul" is selected for European Film Academy awards and The Oscars.

The plot takes place in slaughterhouse in Budapest. The main characters are the employees - Endre and Maria. Endre, a financial manager of the slaughterhouse, is a handicapped middle-aged reserved man, and Maria - silent, blonde, perfectionist - a meat quality-control inspector. It seems they have nothing in common, but...

During the routine interview at the company, a psychologist finds out that Endre and Maria have the same recurrent dreams. They're shocked, as these two introverts know nothing about each other. Checked once more the next day, it turns out that they had the same dream again the night before. They keep comparing their dreams and, time to time, it becomes obvious that they meet in a common space: a peaceful, snowy woodland where they turn into deer and generously fall in love.

"The spine of the story is the unfolding of the romance, - says the director Ildikó Enyedi, - The background for it is our everyday world. We think we know it well. Home life, the city, the workplace, free time - that's what we're stick in on our daily basis.

And what about dreams? Endre's and Maria's common world of dreams is airy, natural and bursting with free-flowing emotion. It is a place where we can recognize ourselves"

In Ildikó Enyedi's film, it seems like all the limits vanish. Even if it's about deer and humans. They're both doomed for solitary and death.

Ildikó Enyedi started her career as a conceptual and media artist. Her feature, Simon, the Magician (1999) got a special jury prize at Locarno Film Festival and Tamás and Juli (1997) deserved a Main Prize at Belfort Film Festival. Since then, Enyedi has made several television and short films. On Body and Soul is her first feature film after an 18-years pause.



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