Latest Georgian Cinema at “Prometheus” – Feature Films
Latest Georgian Cinema at “Prometheus” – Feature Films
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Our festival pays a great attention to the latest news of Georgian cinema and presents the newest Georgian feature, documentary and animated films to Georgian and foreign audience every year in the section "Georgian Panorama". Tbilisi Film Festival has opened the way for many talented Georgian cinematographers to the world arena.

"Georgian Panorama" gives the audience an opportunity to observe the ongoing processes in Georgian cinema industry, to see the works appreciated at world festivals and to meet newcomer directors.

The invited jury will grant three prizes to the winners:

• Prometheus - for the best feature
• Prometheus - for the best documentary
• Prometheus - for the best short film

Feature Films presented in "Georgian Panorama":

"Luka" (Georgia, 2016)

Lile is deprived of the custody of her son, Luka and the court awards it to Lile's mother-in-law, Luka's grandmother. Time passes. It's 1993, a year that marks the end of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. Luka is killed on a battlefield. His mother arrives to a little village where he was brought up to take her dead son's body and bury him in the place where she lives now. Upon arrival she finds out that Luka's body has not yet arrived due to the ongoing battles plus Luka's grandmother is strongly determined not to allow Lile to take away his body from her. Instead, she wants to bury him in the garden of the same house where the young man has been living for years. Her decision stirs serious conflict between Lile and Nina...

Giorgi Barabadze graduated from the Theatre and Film Georgia State University - Eldar Shengelaia's Studio. In 1990, he founded first independent film studio, "Shvidkatsa" in Georgia.

"I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth" (Switzerland, Georgia 2017)

April works as a prostitute in a run-down nightclub in Tbilisi. There she meets Dije, a Nigerian refugee who came to Georgia by pure mistake.

Elene Naveriani studied cinema in HEAD, Geneva, Switzerland, from 2011 to 2013. Her first feature "I am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth" premiered in Rotterdam.

"Namme" (Georgia 2017)

Ali's family has inherited a mission - taking care of a local healing water and treating sick
fellow villagers with it. Three sons are sceptical about the water, only the young daughter Namme stays as the guardian of family traditions. The Village has a mixed Muslim and Christian heritage. Namme meets Merab. Closeness and sympathy is developing between them. A hydro power station is being constructed locally, which might be a cause for
environmental changes. One day the spring water starts to disappear. Father remembers the old tradition, according to which the water will not return unless the sacrifice is made...

Zaza Khalvashi graduated from Tbilisi State Institute faculty of film directing, studied under two prominent Georgian directors' supervision - Tengiz Abuladze and Rezo Chkheidze. In 1977-2004 he was employed by the Film Studio Georgian Film, the main cinematographic organisation in the country, where he directed "There where I live" (feature, 1990), "Mizerere" (feature, 1996), "Round dance of wolves" (TV series, 2003). Currently he divides time between his art and teaching. As a full professor he is teaching film directing at Batumi State Art University, also manages Film and Television Department.

"Scary Mother" (Georgia, Estonia 2017)

A 50-year-old housewife, Manana, struggles with her dilemma - she has to choose between her family life and her passion, writing, which she had repressed for years - she decides to follow her passion and plunges herself into writing, sacrificing to it mentally and physically.

Ana Urushadze was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1990, graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Georgia State Film University in 2013 and directed several short films. "Scary Mother" is her feature film debut. Among films multiple awards are the following: Golden Leopard award, in the Best First Feature category at the Locarno Film Festival; top prize at Sarajevo Film Festival; the Golden Star, the fest's top feature film competition prize at Egypt's El Gouna Film Festival; Jury Grand Prize (Asian Oscar) at Asia Pacific Screen Awards; Nata Murvanidze's Asian Oscar for the Best Performance by an Actress, At the Gijon Film Festival movie was awarded with 3 prizes: Best Directing, Best Cinematography and Best Movie (Youth jury prize).

"The Chair" (Georgia 2017)

After the defeat in elections, Refugees Eviction Minister, Giorgi Mchedlishvili, loses everything that is dear to him: the office, the car, the source of income and most importantly - power. Giorgi's chair, which is alive being, motivates former Minister to take actions, but these efforts do not bring the desired result. In these difficult times Giorgi meets Donara, refugee women, which he marries later. New government, orders eviction of Giorgi and his family from his house. Former Minister puts himself in confrontation first with media, and then with Magda, Giorgi's sister in law.

Eldar Shengelaia whose films are classics of Georgian cinema, has been awarded the titles of the People's Artist of Georgia (1979) and of the Soviet Union (1988). He has been a chairman of the Filmmakers' Union of Georgia since 1976.

"My Happy Family" (Georgia 2017)

Georgia, Tbilisi. In a patriarchal society an ordinary Georgian family lives with three generations under one roof. All are shocked when 52-year-old Manana decides to move out from her parent's home and to live alone without her family and her husband. A journey into the unnown begins.

Nana Ekvtimishvili studied dramatics and script writing at the film school in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany. She wrote, co-directed and co-produced "IN BLOOM" in 2012 in Georgia. The film won 30 awards and was referred at the international festivals as the birth of the new Georgian wave.

Simon Gross studied film directing at the film school in Munich, Germany. With Nana Ekvtimishvili he co-directed and produced "In Bloom" in Georgia. The film won 30 awards and was referred at the international festivals as the birth of the new Georgian wave.

"Khibula" (Georgia 2017)

The screenplay for Khibula was inspired by the real events taking place in Georgia briefly after the country regained its independence in 1991. Zviad Gamsakhurdia, the first president of Georgia, elected by the majority of votes, was driven into exile by coup d'etat. Even though he returned to regain power soon after, political clashes once again forced him to flee into the mountains. Based on the final chapter of the first President's life, the film starts off by following his journey accompanied and pursued by both friend and foe.

George Ovashvili is a graduate from the film department of the Georgian State Institute of Cinema and Theatre (1996) and the course of filmmaking of The New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Hollywood (2006). His big-screen directorial debut "The Other Bank" (2009) was screened at more than 100 international film festivals in more than 50 countries and won about 50 international prizes. George's second long feature "Corn Island" (2014) has received Grand Prix - Crystal Globe at 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was shortlisted for the Academy's best foreign language film in 2015.




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