Latest Georgian Cinema at “Prometheus” – Short and Animation Films
Latest Georgian Cinema at “Prometheus” – Short and Animation Films
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Our festival pays a great attention to the latest news of Georgian cinema and presents the newest Georgian feature, documentary and animated films to Georgian and foreign audience every year in the section "Georgian Panorama". Tbilisi Film Festival has opened the way for many talented Georgian cinematographers to the world arena.

The invited jury will grant three prizes to the winners:

• Prometheus - for the best feature
• Prometheus - for the best documentary
• Prometheus - for the best short film

Short and Animation Films presented in "Georgian Panorama":

"8 Minutes" (Giorgi Gogichaishvili and David Abramishvili, Georgia 2017)

After apocalyptic information leaks about the sun going out, meaning the earth will get dark in eight minutes, forever, chaos covers the whole world except for Gia - a single man under sixty with a boring, poor life. In this crazy moment he calls his son to ask how is he handling this situation, despite having a rare and cold relationship with him for a long while. But during the phone call Gia finds his son is in north pole for an expedition with his fiancée, and not aware of the coming total black out.

"Andro" (Tornike Gogrichiani, Georgia 2017)

In a post war Georgia, an unemployed architect, ANDRO tries to help out his family, fills the car with household junk and goes to Turkey for private trading, with his son DATO. On the border they give a ride to a Turkish hitchhiker TANER, to Trabzon. This meeting turns this harmless journey, into series of unfortunate events for ANDRO and his son.

"Ana" ( Margo Zubashvili, Georgia 2017)

Anna is a 45 years old woman, living alone with her mother in the center of Tbilisi. One night, Anna's life takes a different turn, when at the concert, she sees the face of a woman in the crowd. How can one word change someone's life? How other's life influences our own? How can a person lose her face and identity?

"The End" (Nini Sardlishvili, Georgia 2016)

What happens when the imagination puts the mind into the unreal borders of false fear, the world around transforms into prison, and the only way out seems to be an escape to the new imagination, to the visual creation of the mind.

"Fishing" (Tornike Bziava, Georgia, France 2017)

The Christmas Holidays are over and people in town start to do fishing.

"Fourteen Crystals Theory" (Giorgi maskharashvili, Georgia 2015)

This is an animated film, which is based on the adventure novel «Fourteen Crystals Theory», written by the director himself.

"Stairs" (Giorgi Varsimashvili, Poland, Georgia, 2017)

Entire film takes place on stairs. In a flat someone feels very bad and for that reason ambulance is called. The situation is becoming worse and worse. A neighbor is browsing the stuation to understand what is happening.

"Three Steps" (Ioseb Soso Bliadze, Georgia, 2017)

Thirteen-year-old Mariam lives with her father, Rezo, in the poor slums of Tbilisi. They share a one room shack. Mariam and Rezo are barely making a living, being forced to steal at times. Along with the struggle against poverty, Mariam also has to deal with the facts of becoming a woman and the fear that her father would betray her in order to make money.

"The Perfect Order" (Anna Sarukhanova and Katalina Bakradze, Georgia, 2017)

Mariam is a 22 years old actress, she works in a cafe, where customers can order any companion they wish. Any can have a dinner with a best friend, a cup of tea with a grandfather, or coffee with a lover. One day she meets Levan in the cafe, a nature defender, who tries to change her point of view about the cafe she's working in.

"Kite" (Vladimer Sulakvelidze, Georgia 2016)

The hero of the film - an old woman - encouraging certain circumstances (particularly cat) to recall fragments of her life. This is quite tragic past and the comes to bright striking detail - Kite, which at the end of the Accompany them old woman and his world safe for help them.

"Meeting at the Refrigerator" (Khatuna Khundadze, Georgia 2016)

4 minutes black humor bringing to surprising cold and dramatic story to us. Based on the story the action of the film was moved to the supermarket diary product fridge in order to add more coldness and drama to the story and to feel cold physically. The film is made in cold, blue-grayish colors as much as possible.

"Geno"(Dato Kiknavelidze, Georgia 2017)

Film tells the story of a grumpy, reclusive toad Geno and his neighbors, who are forced to seek a new habitat because a construction site invades the pond where they live.

"The Pocket Man" (Ana Chubinidze, France, Switzerland, Georgia 2016)

A little man lives in an old suitcase. One day he finds a new friend - an old blind man. The little man jumps into the blind man's pocket. With music, the pocket man helps the blind man walk and see things in the street. Both are very happy together.

"Hulk" (Giga Baindurashvili and Sandro Naveriani, Georgia 2016)

Victor is a single father from a poor social class, who takes care of his autistic son Niko. To keep up with all the family expenses, Victor has to take multiple jobs, however he still can't manage to save money for Niko's proper therapy and for parental training in order to better help his beloved son in development and socializing. And one day, when Victor sees no hope, when he feels to be totally useless to his son, he takes a step that turns out to be fatal for Niko and himself.

"Horizon" (Dato kiknavelidze, Georgia 2017)

Film tells about the person's way to freedom. About liberation from violence, war and destruction of the surrounding world.








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