Arts – The Main Theme of the 18th Film Festival
Arts – The Main Theme of the 18th Film Festival
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Tbilisi International Film Festival has an annual tradition: its every edition responds to the matter new and important for the society which becomes a leitmotiv of the whole festival. It offers to the modern thinkers and the audience interested in actuality topics an analysis of the matter in terms of cinematography. In 2016, the main topic of the festival was politics generated in the special section - Bios Politicos. This year's edition is dedicated to the arts, celebrated traditionally with a new section and a special compilation of outstanding works: the films will tell about the arts, its different types, the process of self-expression, the function of the arts and the main impulses of creation. Besides to the screenings, the exhibition space will find a place for expositions and different important artistic acts.

The festival invited a new platform for the contemporary art, a network "Propaganda" which will present the works of famous Georgian artists, Koka Ramishvili and Gio Sumbadze.

Gia Ramishvili's famour video-work of 1994, "Signal" tells us about the beginning of the intervention and establishment of so-called new technologies in contemporary arts - its concord with tough inner socio-cultural processes.

Words in arts and advertising. How do they influence us? Each one of us can have absolutely different or somewhat similar visual associations about them. Multimedia artist Gio Sumbadze's "Coffee" offers the other interpretation, liberation from our traditional and conditional attitudes to the words. For the first time in festival history, an intervention of artistic works in screenings will occur.

In 2017, the world of Arts lost an outstanding thinker, English novelist, painter, writer and artist
John Berger. A front-runner intellectual and influential teacher has left the great heritage, but Tbilisi Film Festival is going to make him an honor with his most famous work. His series of novels, "Ways of seeing" is still used as a university textbook. Later it became the most cognitive TV-series of BBC. These very novels will turn into the installations in the foyer of Amirani Cinema, where the audience will be able to see all four episodes.





In the Section "Arts" 8 prominent Works of the Cinema is Awaiting the Audience

Romauld Karmakar's new documentary "If I think of Germany at Night" tells the story about 5 pioneers of electronic music for whom the work is a sense of life. Karmakar is a lecturer at Berlin Academy of Arts and an artist. The retrospective of his films is often held at international film festivals. In 2013, he presented Germany at Venice Art Biennale with several other artists.
Andro Steinborn, the producer of his movies, will also visit the festival. Steinborn is a producer of about 30 films, including famous films such as: Tom Tykwer's Run Lola Run, and Good Bye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker.

An award winning film of Cannes film festival "The Square" is directed by Swedish Ruben Östlund. It is a controversial picture about the ethics of Arts and political correctness. A video aimed to popularize "The Square" which is a new museum installation, causes a reverse effect in the audience. A leading character has to handle with it when he's being robbed in the public space. Looking for his wallet and the mobile phone, lets him introduce the longtime forgotten "types" of people and happens him to be in forgotten districts.

Ruben Östlund's previous film about human estrangement, "Force Majeure" was highly appreciated. There's no doubt that a Cannes triumphant film about the art found in a technological reality will cause a great interest in the audience of our section.

Joseph Beuys - the man with the hat and the felt. Thirty years after his death he feels like a visionary who was and still is, ahead of hi time. He was a first German artist to be given a solo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, while at home in Germany his work was often mocked at and still derided as the "most expensive trash of all time". Andres Veiel's documentary "Beuys" reflects the life of this interesting creator.

Sara Driver's "Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat" is a documentary, something like a window to artist Jean-Michel Basquait's life and New York of 1978-1981. It is a broadly viewed movement, which worried her and an influence this cruel city was making on this epoch-making art. For years, Jean-Michele became a symbol of this period. Everything happening in the city was brought to life by him - politics, Hip-Hop, punk rock, racial matters and artistic space.

It is also important to note that a film director Sara Driver is a longtime collaborator of one of the favorite directors of contemporary American cinema lovers - Jim Jarmusch.

A collage application process, hard work of the whole year and final exams - "The Graduation" offers the portrait of what attitude we have towards being masters at something. It shows how the profession chooses its heirs. But all the jury members are in doubt, questioning themselves - where the generations working together create a culture, what lays beneath the choice of the professionals in accepting the youngsters in these prestigious schools? Film director Claire Simon, has been making short and feature films diligently and with certain success for two decades already, being celebrated with awards at leading film festival around the world.

Andzrej Wajda is a recipient of Honorary Oscar, the Parlme d'Or as well as Honorary Golden Lion and Golden Bear. He is a renowned representative of Polish film classic. In our section, the audience will see his film "Afterimage". The film transits us to the post-war Poland. A leading character, famous artist Wladyslaw Strzaminsky, works as a professor in Arademy of Arts, Lodz. His students still consider him as a "Messiah of Contemporary Painting" but the university management and the Ministry of Culture have different opinions.

Ohad Naharin - the artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company is considered as a one of the most important choreographers of the world. In the film "Mr. Gaga" we are the witnesses of the great changes in his life. This impressive and informative film presents a man with great creative principles and a strange point of view. A director, Tomer Heymann worked for 8 years on him. He pairs with each other the intimate shots from rehearsals, unknown archive materials and breathtaking dance performances.

Nicolas Wackerbarth is a film director and actor famous for Toni Erdmann (2016) and The Treacherous Heart (2003). In our section we will screen his new film "Casting". For the first television film - remake of a Fassbinder's "Bitter tears of Petra von Kant" - director Vera is looking for the best actress. The first day of shootings comes fast but they haven't found a leading character actress yet. The producer and crew are getting even more exasperated with Vera, while Gerwin is happy about the extra work, as he earns his extra money delivering the lines of dialogues to the candidates at the various castings.





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