Award for Merab kokochashvili
Award for Merab kokochashvili
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At the 18th film festival, director Merab Kokochashvili was awarded with the honorable prize "Golden Prometheus" and after rewarding was screened one of his famous works of Georgian cinema "Big Green Valley".

50 years have passed since Merab Kokochasvhilis film "Big Green Valley" first came out on screens. The film which was named at the first place in the list of "Best Georgian Films" by Georgian film critics in 2006.

"Some critics still consider this picture made in 1967 as the best one in the history of Georgian sound-film. Eras and generations change but the story of a shepherd who can't give up the traditions of the ancestors, his hearth, so to say, "his own nature", is always perceived in a newly way. In "Big Green Valley" time changes the accents, the time itself enriches the film with the sense and time proves that Kokochashvili hasn't made so-called "film of actuality". That is because the audience and critics met the premiere of Big Green Valley in a quite cold manner. There were ordered articles published, like "When the audience leaves the hall" etc. The virtues of the picture revealed later and especially today in the era of Globalization, when keeping an identity is the problem the world cares about." - writes the film critic Gogi Gvakharia at the official page of "Radio Liberty".

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