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International Competition is the main and most important part of the festival. In this section, the audience will be able to see the debut feature films of European filmmakers of the new generation.
As the festival takes place in December, we have the opportunity to choose the best debut films of the year, which have already succeeded at different film festivals of the world.

"Boys Cry" ("La terra dell'abbastanza", Italy 2018)

Mirko and Manolo are best friends and live in the suburbs of Rome. They both live in poor conditions with their single parents, are still in school and struggle with occasional odd jobs to make ends meet. Together they share dreams of women, of sex and money, of a better life to come. After killing a man in a hit-and-run one night, they get involved with the local mafia and their lives change dramatically. Soon they find themselves doing the dirty work for their new bosses and have fresh blood on their hands. But lured by the dreams of easy money and illusions of a thriving career, they fail to realize the consequences of their choice.

Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo (born in 1988) are Italian writers and directors. They spent their childhood in the outskirts of Rome painting, writing poems and shooting pictures.
Without a formal training in filmmaking, BOYS CRY is their first feature film.

"Breath of Life" ("L'Ordre des médecins", France 2018)

Simon is an experienced doctor who rubs shoulders with death on a daily basis as part of his job in an intensive care unit. Like any good professional, he has learnt to shield himself from it. But when his mother is hospitalized in a nearby unit, and is in a critical condition, his private life and professional life clash spectacularly. Simon's whole world, and all his certainties and beliefs, are shaken to the core - even to the extent of re-evaluating his career...

David Roux was born in 1977 in Paris. Theater journalist for 15 years, he was also assistant director and literary manager in a film development company, Initiative Films, before starting the writing and directing of shorts (Leurjeunesse in 2012, Répétitions in 2014). "Breath of Life" is his first feature.

"Country Noise" ("Landrauschen", Germany 2018)

Toni has returned to her old home at full speed, tired of Berlin and its promise of big self-fulfillment. Yet once back in the narrowness of Bubenhausen any reconciliation with her home village seems impossible. Luckily she meets the fun-loving Rosa. The two women develop an explosive relationship and things start to take a new meaningful turn. But Toni's old demons reappear and the romance begins to crumble.

Lisa Miller was born in 1986 in Krumbach in Bavaria, Germany. After her studies in Visual Arts and Photography in Madrid and London Lisa has worked as a freelance film director and lecturer. She has been teaching at the Summer School of Bavaria and is a member of the House of artists in Ulm. Her short film "Marie" was awarded best short film prize in 2009 at the CEV Madrid.

„Crystal Swan" ("Khrustal" Belarus, United States, Germany, Russian Federation 2018)

Young Evelina has a law degree, but her dream is to travel to the USA and earn a living as a professional DJ. But it's 1997 and the girl is living in post-Soviet Minsk... This energetic debut from Belarusian director Darya Zhuk pulsating to the rhythm of 90s house.

Director Darya Zhuk was born in Minsk, she studied and is currently living in the USA. She graduated from Harvard and Columbia University, worked at the HBO channel, made several short films that became participants and prize-winners of international film festivals.

„Girl" (Belgium, Netherlands 2018)

Fifteen-year-old Lara dreams of becoming a ballerina. Assigned male at birth, Lara has to overcome more than blistered, bloody feet to realize her dream.

Lukas Dhont was born in Ghent, Belgium. He has directed the short films Headlong (2012) and L'Infini (2014) as well as the short documentary Skin of Glass (2012). His first feature, Girl (2018), was awarded the Caméra D'Or award at Cannes.

„Irina" (Bulgaria 2018)

Irina has been working as a part-time waitress, but she is fired. On the same unlucky day, her husband gets into a serious accident. He becomes a cripple and can no longer earn a living. To take care of her disabled husband, her child and herself, the woman embraces a seemingly simple solution: becoming a surrogate mother. This turns out to be incredibly hard.

Nadejda Koseva was born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating from the Bulgarian National Film and Television Academy, Nadejda Koseva directed the short fiction novel The Ritual, part of the onmibus film Lost And Found which premiered at FORUM Berlin IFF 2005. Nadejda Koseva's next short fiction film Omelette won a Special mention at Sundance Film Festival 2009 among other awards worldwide.

„Yesterday" („Tegnap", Hungary 2018)

The central character, 50-year-old Victor Ganz owns a thriving building and civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Some very costly problems on a building site in North Africa mean he has to go there (he hates traveling), to a country where he is confronted with memories of his youth, which have been carefully buried in the depths of his mind. Meetings in ministries, disinformation, the reappearance of a past love who had mysteriously disappeared, an investigation in the local underground to find her: Victor Ganz slowly plunges into a labyrinthine world where present and past intertwine.

Bálint Kenyeres was born in 1976 in Budapest. After studying philosophy, film history and film theory, he graduated as a film director at the Budapest Film and Theatre Academy in 2006. His film Zárás (Closing Time) was premiered in competition at the Venice Film Festival and got selected for more than 30 other film festivals, won a dozen awards. His previous short Before Dawn was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005, won a jury prize at Sundance and got the European Film Academy Prix UIP for the best European short in 2006. It was selected at 140 festivals, won 30 awards.

"Neighbors" ("Mezoblebi", Georgia, Macedonia 2018)

The action of the film takes place in one of the yards of Old Tbilisi. At the beginning of the film we see the neighbors who make one team. Although they all are short of money and have to endure plethora of hardships, live like one friendly family. The situation changes, when an investor comes and offers a large sum of money for their half-ruined, dilapidated houses. Only one owner, Gia, goes against the deal, as he worked hard to redecorate his part of the house.

Gigisha Abashidze was born on January 9, 1988 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from the Shota Ruistaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University and received a Bachelor's degree in film directing in 2012. He has experience of directing several short fictions and a feature length film "Neighbors".

"Silent Night" ("Cicha noch", Poland 2017)

Adam, who lives and works abroad, visits his family home in the Polish provinces on Christmas Eve. At first, he keeps the real reason for his visit to himself, but it isn't long before he starts letting one relative after another in on his plans. His father, his brother, who he's fallen out with, his sister and her husband all have a significant role to play in his scheme. Things get even more complicated when he announces that he's going to be a father. At that point, in line with time-honored Polish tradition, alcohol appears on the table. Nobody in the family has the slightest suspicion that the ensuing events of that Christmas Eve are going to have a massive impact on all their lives.

Piotr Domalewski is a film director, screenwriter and actor. His short films have won awards at various festivals across Europe. He is also a playwright. His play Five square meters has been awarded at the Metafory Rzeczywistostości Contest, a National competition for playwrights. His film Stranger has won Grand Prix at the International Film Festival Cinemaforum in Warsaw. His feature debut Silent Night won Golden Lions - Grand Prize at 42nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

"Volcano" ("Vulkan", Ukraine, Germany, 2018)

A series of odd coincidences has left Lukas, an interpreter for a military checkpoint inspection tour, stranded near a remote town in the south Ukrainian steppe. With nowhere to turn, this city boy finds shelter at the home of a colorful local named Vova. With Vova as his guide, Lukas is confronted by an anarchist universe beyond his imagination, a world in which life seems utterly detached from any identifiable structure. Fascinated by his host and his host's daughter Marushka, Lukas's contempt for provincial life slowly melts away and sets him on a quest for a happiness he never knew could exist.

Roman Bondarchuk is a graduate of the Karpenko-Kary Theater, Film and Television University. His graduation film Taxi Driver won the White Elephant prize from the Russian Film Critic Guild and the Russian Producers' Grand Prix at the Kinoshok Open film festival. Bondarchuk is the art director of Docudays UA - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Kyiv.Ukrainian Sheriffs (2015) was his first feature-length documentary which won a Special Jury Award at IDFA 2015 and was selected as the Ukrainian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.





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