Cultural life in the First Democratic Republic of Georgia
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Festival in Media

During the Industry Days of the 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival we present the series of events - Cultural Life in the First Democratic Republic of Georgia. Events are dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first Georgian Republic.

On December 4th, in the hall of Amirani Cinema, First Georgian Republic researcher Salome Chanturidze will lead a discussion regarding film industry of that period.

In the hall of Amirani Cinema photo material from that period of Georgian cinema will be exhibited and during the festival, the screening of Aleksandre Tsutsunava's film Kristine will also be held.

Kristine is the first Georgian feature film, based on Egnate Ninoshvili's novel of the same, made in 1916-1918 by theatre director Aleksandre Tsutsunava. The film is about Kristine who lives in the village and who's forced to leave the village and move to town, because she's embarrassed and couldn't stay there anymore. But she's unlucky even here, happening to be in the brothel and at last, she end her life in the hospital.

The producer and the director of the part made in Tbilisi was Germane Gogitidze; production designer - Dimitri Shevardnadze, Director of Photography - Aleksandzre Shugerman and then, Aleksandre Digmelovi. The main part in the first Georgian feature film was played by Antonina Abelashvili.

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