Giorgi Shengelaia was awarded with Honorary Prometheus
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This year, 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival awarded with the Honorary Prometheus for special contribution to the cinema to filmmaker Giorgi Shengelaia and screened his first film "Alaverdoba".

Giorgi Shengelaia is an outstanding figure of 60s' Georgian cinema. If we look through his work, the diversity of genres can even confuse the audience, because Shengelaia always tried to experience himself in new genres and broaden the frontiers of popular genres in Georgian cinema.

In 1959 he graduated from All-Russian State University of Cinematography's faculty of film directing, school of Alexander Dovzhenko and soon, started working in film studio "Georgian Film". He made his first film 4 years after the graduation and his filmography includes 12 feature film.

His first work was "Alavedroba" (1962) a feature-documentary film. A film-rebelion based on the same title novel by Guram Rcheulishvili, where a young hero stands against the distorted traditions. It was followed by "Matsi Khvitia" based on folk motives, which can be named as the first ever Georgian western.

Photo: Nino Kankava


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