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Yesterday was screening of Polish movie, presented in the International Competition Silent Night by Piotr Domalewski. The screening was followed by Q&A session with the film crew. 

Adam, who lives and works abroad, visits his family home in the Polish provinces on Christmas Eve. At first, he keeps the real reason for his visit to himself, but it isn't long before he starts letting one relative after another in on his plans. His father, his brother, who he's fallen out with, his sister and her husband all have a significant role to play in his scheme. Things get even more complicated when he announces that he's going to be a father. At that point, in line with time-honored Polish tradition, alcohol appears on the table. Nobody in the family has the slightest suspicion that the ensuing events of that Christmas Eve are going to have a massive impact on all their lives.

Piotr Domalewski is a film director, screenwriter and actor. His short films have won awards at various festivals across Europe. He is also a playwright. His play Five square meters has been awarded at the Metafory Rzeczywistostości Contest, a National competition for playwrights. His film Stranger has won Grand Prix at the International Film Festival Cinemaforum in Warsaw. His feature debut Silent Night won Golden Lions - Grand Prize at 42nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.


Photo: Ninuca Mandaria




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