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Yesterday was screening of International Competition movie Breath of Life by David Roux and Q&A session with the director.

Simon is an experienced doctor who rubs shoulders with death on a daily basis as part of his job in an intensive care unit. Like any good professional, he has learnt to shield himself from it. But when his mother is hospitalized in a nearby unit, and is in a critical condition, his private life and professional life clash spectacularly. Simon's whole world, and all his certainties and beliefs, are shaken to the core - even to the extent of re-evaluating his career...

David Roux was born in 1977 in Paris. Theater journalist for 15 years, he was also assistant director and literary manager in a film development company, Initiative Films, before starting the writing and directing of shorts (Leurjeunesse in 2012, Répétitions in 2014). "Breath of Life" is his first feature.

Photo: Vakho Dolidze


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