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On Tuesday, May 7th, a workshop was held in Politika hosted by Bristol Film Festival director Rich Warren, invited to Tbilisi. He talked to the audience about the competition programme of DepicT! And answered the questions of the participants.

As you know, Tbilisi International Film Festival has announced a 90 second film competition DepicT! In partnership with Bristol International Film Festival (Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival) and British Council.

DepicT! Competition has been running for several years already in Watershed, Bristol, within the framework of International Film Festival. Its aim is to discover the directors who outstand with originality, rich imagination and new vision and provide them with the opportunity to show up on the international platform. The competition offers the participants a unique chance to introduce their works to the broad audience and establish contacts with international industry representatives - distributors, producers, directors and short film fanatics.

Any professional filmmaker or amateur can participate in DepicT! Competition. Participating is free of charge.

How to enter the short film competition:

Participants must be 18+

• The deadline for uploading entries on is by Saturday August 31, 2019

• Film must be 90 second or under including titles and credits

• Film must be completed after September 2018

• Only films submitted online will be accepted

• The competition is open to short films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work.

• We do not accept advertisements

• The maximum number of entries per individual is ten.

• The primary contact completing the submission process must be a Georgian citizen authorized to submit the film (s) and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the film(s)

• The original language should be Georgian

• If your film (s) is/are shortlisted, you will be asked to send it in a higher resolution version

• Only Director (s) will be credited on the website and any other promotional material. In the case of shortlisted and/or winning co-directors, one prize may be granted at the discretion of the organisers.



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