Films in The International Competition
Films in The International Competition
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Films in the International Competition

Discovering and supporting new talents is the major principal of Tbilisi International Film Festival, thus, International Competition stays as the most important part of the event. Traditionaly, films speak of timely problems and human problems in contemporary world, where the main charachters are trying to find their place. This year, ten European feature debuts will compete for silver and golden Prometheus for Best Film and Best Director. This year’s participants will present internationally known and successful debut works.

Azerbaijani film “Chameleon” by Rufat Hasanov and Elvin Adigozel is the official selection of Locarno Film Festival. Young Nijat who lives abroad, one day visits his childhood town Goychay. He has financial problems and wants to cell his deceased parents' house and cut the last bonds with his homeland before emigrating. While the buyer will be found, everyone who is participating in this deal will have to reconsider some moral and ethical issues for the first time.

Winner of the Grand Prix at Cottbus Film Festival in 2012, PolishWomen’s Day” by Maria Sadowska is quoted as “A feminist Western” by the director herself. The main character is a single mother who works at a supermarket in a little Polish town. After promotion, she clashes with an everyday reality of a consumerist society and goes through a significant metamorphosis. Along with the director, the film in Tbilisi will be presented by the main actress, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska.

 A Turkish filmmaker, Erdem Tepegöz received the “Golden Giorgi” at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival for his “Zerre”(”The Particle”).  Zeinep lives in the dusty and dim atmosphere of the abandoned apartments evacuated for destruction. She fights for the everyday survival while taking care of her old mother and a handicapped child, after losing her job, she has to move out of town where finding an ordinary job is impossible…

A Russian film “The Major” by Yuri Bykin is also included in this year’s competition. Sergey Sobolev who is driving fast to meet his newborn child, kills a little boy by accident. The Mayor has a choice: go to prison or conceal his crime and stay free. The film was selected for Critics’ Week at Cannes and won the top prize of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival – the Golden Goblet for the Best Feature Film.

The subject of loneliness and attachment is presented with the Greek film “September” by Penny Panayotopoulou which tells a story of a thirtysomething Anna, a woman leading a very secluded life in her small apartment, her whole world revolvers around Manu, her dog. After the unexpected death of a pet, Anna is forced to disrupt her carefully guarded walls. The film was the official selection of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was screened at Toronto International Film Festival.

A film from Armenia, “I’m Going to Change My Name” by Maria Saakyan continues its successful journey on different international film festivals and tells a story about Fourteen-year-old Evridika, who tries to answer her fundamental questions while growing up and slowly withdraws into a private world which she creates via the internet.

The Lithuanian production, “The Gambler” by Ignas Jonynas is about an accomplished man who has a passion for gambling. Vincentas is a successful Paramedic who puts his life at stake. The Film received a special prize at the Warsaw Film Festival and was and participated in the competition of San Sebastian International Film Festival.

A Georgian movie “Disorder”, directed by Archil Kavtaradze tells a story of the violence victim, Tite Gogya, who is arrested and put into prison for a car accident. “Disorder” is the second feature work of Archil Kavtaradze and is based on a true story.

An intimate portrait of a villager family is presented in Italian film of Andrea Pallaoro, “Medeas” which premiered at La bienalle di Venezia and received a special prize. The Film studies freedom, intimacy and the limits of human behavior.

Ukrainian-Turkish film “Love me” is a contemporary love story. This melodrama of Mehmed Bahadir Er and Maryna Er Gorbac covers the subject of cultural clashes and barriers between lovers. The film won the Best Feature Film award at the Ferfilm IFF in Kosovo.

The screenings of competition film will start on the 23rd of December and will continue to the 7th, followed by the awarding ceremony.





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