Round table with debutant film directors
Round table with debutant film directors
Festival in Media

On December 8th at 14:00 in Cinema Amirani (hall 2) was  held a round table meeting.

The directors competing for the Golden and the Silver Prometheus participated in a panel discussion planned as a part the Industry Days of the Festival. They were invited to talk about their personal experiences and challenges they encounter in the process of filmmaking. They all come from different countries with completely diverse backgrounds and ways of understanding cinema. As all of them participate with their first fictional feature film, this was a good platform to share views and helpful recommendations.

The discussion was moderated by the Tbilisi IFF programme coordinator Gurami Ghonghadze.

Participants: Jens Assur (Ravens), Marina Stepanska (Falling), Emre Yeksan (The Gulf), Visa Koiso-Kanttila (Star Boys), Ana Urushadze (Scary Mother) and Pedro Cabeleira (Dammed Summer).

Photo: Teona Mestumre

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