C2C Market – Innovative Project of “Golden Apricot” Film Festival
C2C Market – Innovative Project of “Golden Apricot” Film Festival
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This year, the 15th Yerevan International Film Festival "Golden Apricot" will take place on July 8-15. Besides the film screenings united in competition and other sections, the festival offers different industrial events to the film professionals.

For instance, "Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform" represents a series of workshops being held since 2008. Programme takes place in the frame of EU initiative "Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process" and about 20 films have already been supported by the platform so far.

Also, with the support of International Film Festival Rotterdam and Busan International Film Festival, there is a program "Directors Across Boarders" (DAB) held. This network, created for cinema professionals, offers different workshops, pitching and presentations.

This year, our partner film festival "Golden Apricot" took a lead of a new project, concerning local, regional and international cinema professionals. C2C Market - unites the film screenings, film project market and works in progress market and it will be held in Yerevan simultaneously with the duration of festival. The Market provides round tables, panel discussions and master classes for the contestants. It gives the first and second time directors chance to meet international directors, producers, festival programmers, distributors and sales agents.

"Golden Apricot" representative, Sona Karapoghosyan visited Tbilisi to present this very news. On May 27th, she met Georgian directors and producers in the new space Politika (164 Agmashenebeli Ave.) and discussed project details.

C2C Market is designed for cinematographers from Lesser Caucasus Region - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. This new platform will give possibility to filmmakers to develop their first and second feature projects and pitch them to accredited international film industry professionals, boosting and establishing co-productions from all over the world.

C2C Market consists of three main components:

Feature Film Project Market
Market wil take place on July 9-12 and 3 best projects selected from each country will take part in it.
Additional information and details relating to eligibility criteria can be found on the link below: http://www.gaiff.am/c2c-project-market
Deadline: June 4th, 2018

Work-In-Progress Market
Market will take place on July 13-14 and it will be up to two projects selected from each country. More details can be found on the link below: http://www.gaiff.am/c2c-work-in-progress-market
Deadline: June 15th, 2018

C2C Film Showcase
This part of the programs holds screenings of up to 10 selected films. The directors will be able to take part in meetings and panel discussions arranged in the frame of industrial days. Film screenings will take place on July 9-15. The authors will be present to meet and talk with the audience after each screening.

Additional information about the C2C Market can be found on the link below: http://www.gaiff.am/gaiff-pro/c2c-market 


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