Albert Serra to hold a Master Class in Tbilisi
Albert Serra to hold a Master Class in Tbilisi
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In the frame of new project "Masters of Contemporary Cinema" Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra will visit Tbilisi to hold master classes for students and cinema professionals.

The project is sponsored by "Adjaranet" and organized by Theatre and Film Georgia State University Film Club. Master class is financed by TBC Bank.

Albert Serra is a famous Catalan filmmaker, writer and producer. His best known films are The Death of Louis XIV (screened on our 17th Festival), Story of My Death and Honor of the Knight. His manner of storytelling is quite shallow as he never tries to open the character's psychology. Some critics say he's hypnotic while other compare him to Salvador Dali calling him "a provocateur".

In different years, his films were nominated at Jerusalem, Locarno and Torino International Film Festivals. Serra has received Prix Louis Delluc, Prix Jean Vigo and Gaudi Award.

"I would never become a filmmaker if we still had 35 mm cameras. Shooting on film is expensive and very boring. Of course, I don't want to spend my life doing boring things. I've never studied directing. To tell you a secret, I started learning cinematography and broke the record of short-term learning: I paid for a year and studied just for a day. I disliked everything: the people, the atmosphere and the things I was taught." - he pointed out in one of the interviews.

"My main idea - he continues - is not to shoot ideas. Maybe everybody has ever had such situation - when you're sitting with your friends on a Saturday evening, sipping some drink and talking. But only one of these days can turn out to be magical. That's where I got interested if a digital camera can shoot this magic without any interpretation of mine? Without any Mise-en-scènes and ideas? Digital technology is the only way to make this work. What do I do? I try to shoot the magic of the real life and this is my idea - not to have an idea.

I decided to be a filmmaker to have fun. I don't want to be on the set yelling nervously and in tears. Otherwise, I would start working in stock exchange and have a lot of money, because I'm quite smart. Now, as I've decided to be a filmmaker and not to have a lot of money, at least, I should have fun. I don't need a feeling of working. I want to feel like being on the rock concert: relaxed, having fun feeling the music and the rhythm."

Master classes of Albert Serra will be held on June 6-7, 13:00, in Theatre and Film University. Public meeting will take place on June 8th, 19:00 in TBC Gallery.

As the project author, Vakho Jajanidze mentions, "Masters of Contemporary Cinema" will meet the interested audience with many outstanding directors.




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