Marija Razgutė

Lithuanian film producer who established a film production company M-Films (Čiobreliai) in 2008. She is a main producer of four feature and nine short films that include fiction, documentary, as well as animation. Her latest work, Karolis Kaupinis’s Nova Lituania, premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival’s East of the West program in 2019. Earlier work, Summer Survivors by Marija Kavtaradze premiered at Toronto International Film Festival’s Discovery program in 2018, and The Saint by Andrius Blaževičius premiered at Busan and Warsaw International Film Festivals’ competition programs in 2016. The latest also won Lithuanian Film Academy’s awards in six categories, including the categories of the Best Film, the Best Script and the Best Director. At the moment, Marija is in post-production of Andrius Blaževičius’s second feature Runner, to be released in 2021. 

Maria has been working on co-production since 2016. Among others, she has worked on Lithuanian-Spanish co-productions - Juanjo Giménez’s Three and Xacio Baño’s Trote, as well as Lithuanian-German-Georgian – co-production - Ioseb Bliadze’s Otar’s Death. She is a Board member of Lithuania’s Independent Producers Association, as well as a member of European Film Academy and EWA Network.